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Burwood Takahē Centre

screening takahē for diseases. Photo : H Dodson

Screening takahē for diseases

With 85 takahē in residence our rangers at the Burwood Takahē Centre are run off their feet.  If you are interested in dedicating a week or more at a time to helping them care for the takahē and maintain our ‘takahē farm’ please read on…

Volunteer work at Burwood might vary with the time of year, but will generally include some or all of the following;

  • Feeding takahē twice a  week (sometimes more often in winter when there is snow). This usually involves changing, cleaning and refilling feed hoppers,  checking and cleaning water troughs and general bird observations.
  • Inspecting and maintaining pen fences at Burwood is a never-ending job.
  • Keeping takahē safe from predators means regular checking and maintenance of the traps set in and outside the fencelines.
  • General maintenance of facilities and equipment at Burwood.

When there are other projects under way at Burwood, such as banding or vaccinating birds or the transfer of birds to or from Burwood, volunteers are usually invited to help.

To be accepted as a volunteer at Burwood, you need to be able to commit to a minimum of one week (5-7 days) work. The work is almost all outdoors and is physical work requiring a reasonable level of fitness. Volunteers generally work a 6 – 8 hour day.

Still interested?  If you would like more information about volunteering at Burwood email us.


Other Opportunities for volunteering in takahē conservation

Volunteers building a takahē capture pen. Photo: Mitre 10

Volunteers build a takahē capture pen on Mana Island

From time to time takahē rangers visit other sites around New Zealand have opportunities for volunteers to help with takahē related conservation activities.   We’ll post those opportunities on this page as they arise.

Alternatively check the websites of the various takahē display sites and secure sites for conservation volunteer opportunities.


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