Watch these videos for a quick snapshot of takahē and the takahē recovery programme


Sneak peak at newly hatched takahē chick

Take a sneak peak at the first takahē chicks to hatch on Motutapu Island in December 2013.


Takahē Chick Rearing from 1986 to 2010

This short video shows the amazing amount of work that used to go into rearing takahē chicks at Burwood Takahē Rearing Unit. The camera follows a takahē egg from incubation through to the takahē juvenile learning to fend for itself. We don’t do it this way anymore. This is not the way takahē chicks are reared now. Instead the eggs are left to hatch and chicks to be reared by adult takahē.


Historical footage of the 1950 first field trip following re-discovery

In November 1948 New Zealand got its own Lost World story, when a population of takahē  was found in a remote part of Fiordland. The rediscovery of ‘notornis’ by Southland doctor Geoffrey Orbell, generated international interest. This episode of the NFU’s Weekly Review newsreel series treks from Lake Te Anau high into the Murchison Mountains, where the team (including naturalist Robert Falla) find sea shell fossils, evidence of moa-hunter campsites, and the dodo-like takahē itself.
Follow the link to NZ on screen footage
Link to NZ Archive footage of the first field trip following rediscovery

Takahe Recovery rangers at work

A short video showing takahe and some of the work undertaken by DOC rangers in the Takahe Recovery Programme



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