Takahē Recovery Team

The Takahē Recovery Team has ten staff, all employed by the Department of Conservation.

Seven of the staff are based in Fiordland, with responsiblities for takahē and the Takahē Recovery Programme at Burwood Takahē Centre, in Fiordland and throughout New Zealand.

The three other staff have specialist skills.  They are based in Invercargill and are shared with the Kākāpō Recovery Programme.

The Takahē Recovery Team is advised by the Takahē Recovery Group  which is a group of independent experts in the various fields of species conservation.

Here you can meet some of the team, and find out what they have to say about the work that they do;
Conservation Services Manager: Deidre Vercoe

Scientist: Andrew Digby

Technical Officer: Daryl Eason

Takahē Rangers  Glen Greaves, Martin Genet, Phil Marsh, Jason van de Wetering, Chris Philips, Robert Brown and Julie Futter



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