Takahē Rangers

Takahē Rangers undertake both the field work and the planning and management for much of the Takahē Recovery Programme;

Glen Greaves is the team leader and oversees the productivity of the takahē. This means he overseas the pairing of birds and where they are sent to ensure that the captive population is as productive and genetically healthy as possible.

Martin Genet oversees the running of the Burwood Takahē Centre.  He is responsible for managing both the site and ensuring the captive breeding programme runs smoothly.

Jason van de Wetering monitors the wild population in the Murchison Mountains.  He’s also tasked with finding new sites for takahē and ensuring they are set up with adequate vegetation, fencing and trapping programmes in place.  At the moment his biggest headache is finding a new recovery site.

Phil Marsh liaises with all the islands, mainland islands and display sites holding takahē, providing advice on the care of takahē and managing the transfer of birds between sites.

Chris Phillips is based at Burwood Takahē Centre and is responsible for the maintenance of Burwood and the care of the takahē held there.

Robert Brown helps with the day to day running of Burwood.

Julie Futter is the advocacy ranger for the team.  She’s responsible for sharing the takahē story far and wide, helping people engage with takahe conservation and building support for takahe and the Takahē Recovery Programme.


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