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Have you enjoyed meeting a takahē, worked with takahē or pehaps have some historical anecdotes about takahē conservation?  Please share them with us.  We’ll gather your stories and from time to time will share them in our newsletters or on our website.  That way you can help tell the takahē story and build support for their conservation.



Here’s how author Gerard Durell, in his book “Two in the Bush“,  described meeting a takahē in the Murchison Mountains of New Zealand;

Takahe in tussock. Photo : J Robertson

“I was imagining something about the size of an English Moorhen, with the sombre, mottled plumage of a Weka, but there stood a bird the size of a large turkey – but more rotund in shape – and against the background of dark beech forest leaves and pale blonde snow grass, he glowed like a jewel.  He had a heavy almost finch-like beak that, like his legs, was scarlet; his head and breast were rich, Medditerranean blue, and his back and wings a misty dragon green.  He stood straddle-legged among the snowgrass, cocked his head at me and made his drumming noise.  I gazed at him in admiration, and he looked back at me with deeper suspicion.  Presently, having examined me carefully, he bobbed his head and then slowly, and with immense dignity, he stepped carefully around a clump of snow grass and disappeared.”



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