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The takahē is a remarkable bird and its survival against the odds is an amazing story.  But equally amazing is the story of the people dedicated to ensuring its survival;

From a tenacious southern doctor who carefully gathered records of a supposedly extinct bird, scientists and students who braved remote Fiordland to gather crucial information about the habits and habitat of that same extraordinary bird to the rangers and vounteers who hiked for days to find nests and gather the precious eggs crucial to saving the takahē from extinction.

Today the story of ‘takahē people’ has expanded beyond the few hardy souls who can venture into the Murchison Mountains.  The Takahē Recovery Programme is supported in many ways by and array of groups.

The Department of Conservation has a dedicated Takahē Recovery Team who are continually researching and employing effective management techniques to ensure this special bird is not lost forever.

The Takahē Recovery Programme is also supported by several agencies around the country providing specialist veterinary and rehabilitation services and scientific research.



The success of Takahē Recovery has been made possible through and positive relationship with New Zealand Māori, corporate partnerships, volunteer contributions and with the support of a growing number of people throughout the world.

In 1995, the Department of Conservation entered into a partnership with Mitre 10 to boost the recovery of the takahē, seeing the population numbers grow significantly.  Fulton Hogan have now taken over the reigns, and will keep the momentum of the Recovery Programme going.


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