Maungatautari Ecological Island


Juvenile takahē Maungatautari. Photo : Phil Brown.

Juvenile takahē at Maungatautari. Photo Phil Brown

Maungatautari Ecological Island is known as a mainland island and is the largest conservation commitment undertaken by a charitable conservation group in New Zealand. Over 16 million dollars were raised to enable the building of a 47km predator-proof fence that protects species within the mountain’s forest and grassland areas.

Matariki and Hauhunga were the first pair of takahē transferred to Maugatatutari in June 2006.  They were joined three years later by Märörö and Ngutu Whero.

The birth of the first takahē chick at Maungatautari in 2009 was a huge cause for celebration.

Maungatautari welcomes visitors all year and you have an excellent chance of seeing takahē during a guided walk of the Tautari Wetlands and Tuatarium.

For more information visit the Sanctuary Mountain Maungatautari website.




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