Historic accounts

Dr R Falla holding takahē chick & Dr G Orbell. Photo

Dr R Falla, holding takahē chick, and Dr G Orbell. Takahē Valley Fiordland


Dr Orbell’s account of the rediscovery of takahē (  NZ Listener archives). A link to an article originally published in the NZ Listener in December 1948.
Notornis Vol 4 No 5 1951. A link to a 1951 copy of the journal of the Ornithological Society of New Zealand containing a number of articles on early observations of takahē in the Murchison Mountains from 1949 to1951.
Buller, W.L. 1888A History of the Birds of New Zealand. 2nd ed., Vol. 1. London.

Buller, W.L. 1905Supplement to the Birds of New Zealand. Vol. 2. London.

Henry, R. 1903. The Habits of the Flightless Birds of New Zealand; with Notes on Other N.Z. Birds.Government Print.



The following link will open a page on the Te Ara  – the Encyclopedia of New Zealand website where you can listen to Olga Samson – director of the Southland Museum describing her encounter with a takahe in Takahē Valley, shortly after they were re-discovered;

Olga Samson – director of the Southland Museum – A 1959 radio talk describing her encounter with a takahē in Takahē Valley, Fiordland



Footage of the 1949 expedition to study takahē in the Murchison Mountains (the first following rediscovery) from Archives New Zealand




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