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There are several ways you can donate to Takahē Recovery and no amount is too small.

How can your donation can help us?

$25      buys the takahē pellets for a breeding pair of takahē for one month
$50      buys a set of leg bands and a transponder for a takahē
$100    buys basic disease screening for one takahē
$200    buys a trail camera to help monitor nesting takahē
$250    buys a radio tracking aerial
$350    buys a back-pack transmitter for a takahē
$1000  buys 1 year of maintenance for 1km of predator proof fencing at the Burwood Takahē Rearing Unit
$1600  buys a radio-telemetry receiver

All donations go directly towards takahē recovery – thank you SO much for your generosity!

Please send an e-mail to  if you would like to receive a donation receipt.

Make a direct credit

If you would like to deposit money directly into the bank account for Takahē Recovery, please use these details:

Account Name: New Zealand National Parks and Conservation Foundation

Account number: 02 0536 0447919 00

Please include “Takahe Recovery” in the reference details.

Send a cheque

You can mail a cheque to:
Takahē Recovery
C/- PO Box 743
Invercargill 9840
New Zealand

Donations are administered by the New Zealand National Parks and Conservation Foundation, and all funds are used directly to support Takahē Recovery . Please ensure you include your name and address if you would like to receive a donation receipt.