Cape Sanctuary

Two adult takahē and a chick. Photo : Cape Sanctuary

Orehou and Oraka with their chick

Cape Sanctuary is a privately-owned and funded 2500ha restoration site situated on three properties on the Cape Kidnappers Peninsula. The landowners share a vision to restore the coastal communities of landbirds, seabirds, reptiles and invertebrates that would once have existed on the peninsula. The project aims to achieve significant biodiversity gains alongside the existing land uses of farming, forestry, recreation and tourism.

Part of this vision is to restore South Island takahē to a site within the extinct North Island takahē’s (Porphyrio mantelli) former range on the mainland, at Cape Sanctuary.

In 2012, the first two takahē were introduced to the Seabird enclosure at Cape Sanctuary.  They surprised everybody by breeding that summer, though unfortunately the chick died at 3 months old.

A further six birds were transferred from Burwood Takahē Centre to Cape Sanctuary in May 2014.

Currently the birds are successfully paired up with Asterope & Puiaki, Oraka & Orehou and Catseye & Isra all breeding at Cape Sanctuary.

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