Andrew Digby


Takahē scientist Andrew Digby with takahē. Photo : DOC.

Takahē scientist Andrew Digby with takahē

Andrew is the scientist on the team. He makes sure the Takahē Recovery Team receives scientific advice to guide takahē conservation. This involves liaising with experts, reviewing research, designing field trials, and running statistical analyses and modelling to understand the data gathered. The topics of takahē research are varied: from population dynamics to genetics, predator-prey interactions to avian diseases, from trials of new transmitters to bird repellents.

Andrew loves his work: “Its every conservation biologists dream; the application of a wide variety of scientific fields and methods to make a real difference to the survival of an endangered species.”

Getting away from his desk and into the field makes Andrew’s role even more appealing. “Field work is important to conservation research; it helps me develop a much fuller understanding of takahē behaviour and habitat and a greater appreciation of the issues associated with their conservation.”


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